Prairie Gothic began when two partners chose words that reflected their style aesthetic. The magic happened when the two words,  the look, and the style combined to create something totally different than the separate words. Prairie Gothic brought us back to our beginnings and our truest passions. We are both children of the prairies and deserts of southwestern United States.  We have an interest in the art, history, people and stories that originated there. Our family’s histories are intrinsically tied to that part of the country and having lived our lives there it was inevitable that  Prairie Gothic would become our style. What we find most amazing since naming the style, having a store, and now taking it on the road, is how many other people feel the same affinity for the Prairie Gothic ‘style’.  As you can see by our chosen photo, Prairie Gothic  has been around, probably as long as the earth itself.  It is our mission  to share this style with the people who’s interest is piqued and help them find the magic and sometimes the little darkness that plucks at their soul and brings back faint memories of times past.